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Tracklist: 1. More Than Life Itself 2. You Run Like A Wild Horse 3. Guitar Hero Gone 4. Halfhearted Karaoke 5. Still Called Today 6. I Am 7. Harder Than It Ever Was 8. Everything will Now Come Your Way 9. You’re Makin’ Me Move 10. Stick With Me Girl 11. On A Sad Note ... 12. Just To Be Musicians: Loren Dircks Aaron Johnson Neil Harry Craig Hunt Nick Augustine Bart Blue Rachel Dircks Debbie Patrick Beverly Clutch All Songs written by Loren Dircks Recorded at Arange-A-Twang, Catalina, Arizona Mastered by Jack Miller Country Metal Tele Slinger Loren Dircks (Gila Bend) from Tucson, Arizona delivers a set of tunes ranging from fun and free to deep and brooding. Packed with big guitars and original melodies, Killing the Magic will thrill your ears and make you happy. Killing the Magic is a collection of new material from Loren Dircks, the frontman from Tucson's country metal terror Gila Bend and frequent Al Perry band member. From searing desert twang to heartfelt tearjerkers, LD is cranking it up and calling 'em out. The CD opens with pure pop on More Than Life Itself, blending banjo and french horn with big guitars to stomp out a haunting melody. You Run Like a Wild Horse ventures into hillbilly dance beat land and will have you singing along on the first listen. Guitar Hero Gone is a gloves-off commentary on corporate efforts to water down art for mass consumption. SEE VIDEO ON YOU TUBE. Halfhearted Karaoke is a gutbustingly funny rocker with a tragic twist ala Red Sovine. Still Called Today features the wailing steel guitar of Neil Harry in a piece that expresses the urgency of love and the need for overlooking a checkered past. I AM is a rough riding reality check that bridges the gap from Lou Rawls to Roger Miller. Harder Than It Ever Was laments the futility of the day to day down the drain with fat beefy Les Paul love. Track 8, inspired by a powerfully deep fortune cookie sentiment, looks down the barrel of mortality and on to the beyond in Everything Will Now Come Your Way. You're Makin' Me Move is a swingin' twangy twister with a read-between-the-lines host of double entendres and tin foil hat fun. Stick With Me Girl, with its greasy groovin guitar and booty shakin' bass, serves up a tale of irresponsibility and hopeless happiness. On a Sad Note... deep dark despair intertwined with jazzy acoustic work and a Roy Orbison wail to mess up your mood. Last track, Just to Be is a fitting chaser and closes the record with the realization that wallowing in sorrows just doesn't work the way it used to. Killing the Magic is L.D.s first full CD since Gila Bend's late nineties release Natureburger (San Jacinto) and is just the beginning of a whole lot more to come. www.LorenDircks.com
CD 10,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0008-2010
LOREN DIRCKS Killing The Magic
Tracklist: 1. Fair Warning 2. Fade Away 3. I Remembered I Forgot 4. The Chauffeur 5. The Other Side 6. The Allure 7. These Days 8. Prove Me Wrong 9. Salvaged 10. Where I Lie Musicians: Lisa Novak Paul Valdez Larry Cooper Chris Masterson Jeff Enlow Michael Poulos Ryan Couvillion Chris Sacco Ken Bujnoch Brian Kalinec All Songs written by Lisa Novak Produced by Lisa Novak Arrangements by Lisa Novak, Paul Valdez + Larry Cooper Recorded at The Padded Cell in Houston/Texas by James Hoover, Larry Cooper + James Stone; Tonehaus Studio in Austin/Texas by Thomas von der Brook; Accessible Sound in Houston/Texas by Ken Bujnoch; Lucky Run Studio in Houston/Texas by Michael Mikulka Mixed + Mastered by James Hoover Americana/pop/country from Houston, Texas, LISA NOVAK'S "TOO SHALLOW TO SWIM” is a masterpiece of catchy songwriting, superb singing and great hooks in the arrangements. This is Lisa's 4th album and all I can say is that she has arrived. http://www.myspace.com/lisanovak
LISA NOVAK Too Shallow To Swim
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0007-2010
3:04 2:33 4:57 3:08 3:16 4:00 3:56 3:40 4:41 2:37
3:44 3:47 3:34 3:34 3:30 4:35 3:30 4:44 4:16 4:55 4:36 4:15
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Drums, Percussion Electric + Baritone Guitars (Track 1, 3, 6 + 8) 12 String + Electric Guitars (Track 1-6) Bass (Track 1, 2, 3 + 8) Bass (Track 4, 5, 6, 7 + 10) Bass (Track 9) Backing Vocals (Track 1) Piano (Track 7), Keyboards (Track 1, 6,+ 10) Acoustic Guitar /Track 4)
Guitars, Bass, Keys, Harmonica, Banjo, Vocals Hammond Organ (Track 12) Pedal Steel (Track 5) French Horn (Track 1) Drums (Track 6 + 12) Drums (Track 4) Backup Vocals (Track 3 + 9) Backup Vocals (Track 4, 6 + 9) Backup Vocals (Track 6 + 9)
KEN ANDREE Beatitude
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0006-2010
Tracklist: 1. Get It Right 2. You Know The Way 3. Devils Gonna Win 4. Starbird 5. Funny Tonight 6. All I Got To Say 7. Swan Dive 8. In My Garden 9. Everything Back Musicians: Ken Andree Adrian Esparza Ernesto Mendoza Keith Green Craig Schumacher Jacob Velenzuela Martin Wenk Anne DeWolf All Songs written by Ken Andree except Track 4 (written by Ken Andree with help from Adrian Esparza) Produced by Craig Schumacher Recorded, Mixed + Mastered by Craig Schumacher at Wave Lab Studio in Tucson/Arizona Ken on Facebook
4:35 3:33 4:11 4:08 2:54 4:00 3:43 5:24 3:58
Guitars, Bass, Vocals Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals Drums Vox Organ, Vibes, Backing Vocals Organ, Harmonica, Tambourine, Shakers Trumpet Trumpet Violin
BONUS-CD mit Performance und Interview im KXCI-Studio 2A in Tucson/ Arizona vom 25. Januar 2010 BONUS-CD with Performance and Interview in the KXCI-Studio 2A in Tucson/ Arizona from January, 25 2010 Musicians: Loren Dircks (Vocals, Electric + Acoustic Guitar) Nick Augustine (Drums) <--- Ex- Bassplayer by Rainer & Das Combo Steve Grams (Bass) Engineer: Duncan Hudson Producer: Dan Twelker
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CHEEPNESS Shakin’ Hands With The King
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0009-2011
Tracklist: 01 I Can’t Believe 02 Wind Up Dead 03 Evel 04 Everything 05 Worry About Me 06 River Flows 07 Painful 08 Another 09 The Lake 10 Consequences 11 14 Me 12 Tongue In Cheek Musicians: Randy McReynolds Mike Sydloski Duane Hollis Ernie E. Mendoza Bill Green All Songs written by Randy McReynolds except: Evel + Another(Mike Sydloski); Painful (Randy McReynolds/Mike Sydloski); River Flows (Duane Hollis) Recorded at Randyland Recordings Studios, Tucson/ Arizona Engineered and mixed by Randy McReynolds Mastered by Nathan Sabatino at Loveland Studios, Tucson/ Arizona http://www.myspace.com/cheepness
lead-vocals, slide-guitar, rhythm-guitar lead-guitar bass drums bass on Tracks 2 + 10
5:07 4:05 5:02 4:30 3:45 3:48 4:52 5:55 6:56 3:34 6:26 2:47
CD-EP 5,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00011-2011
ASTRA KELLY Battling The Sun
Tracklist: 01 Alright 02 One And Only 03 Just Fine 04 All I Got 05 Battling The Sun 06 When The Night Ends Musicians: Astra Kelly Chris Wilson Sam Johnson Wesley Cole Bill Vigil Mike Monsivaiz Tom Atkins Jeff Montoya Michael Chavez All Songs written by Astra Kelly Produced by Astra Kelly Recorded at Studio West, San Diego/ California Engineered by Kellogg Boyton & Michael Chavez (Track 4+6) Mastered by Larry Czoka www.astrakelly.com
3:39 3:54 4:18 3:40 4:23 3:37
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Guitar, Vocals, Keys Guitar (Track 1, 2 + 3) Bass (Track 1) Bass (Track 2 + 3) Bass (Track 4) Drums (Track 1 + 2) Drums (Track 3) Drums (Track 4) Beats (Track 4)
Tracklist: 01 What Else Is New 02 Evils Way 03 Gone To Hell 04 (stop) Chasin The Tail 05 She Said Burn 06 Freefall 07 Bringer Of Heartache (and such) 08 Pin Your Soul 09 The Last Kiss 10 It Ain’t Cool 11 Some People 12 God Says Nothing Back Musicians: Christian Smedström Kristoffer Ragnstam Joel Lundberg Tobbe Bövik Mattias Ohde Ted Russell Kamp Elizabeth Punzi Thomas Pontèn Ms. Johanna All Songs written by Christian Smedström Produced, Recorded & Contucted by The Pulca Bros @ Studio Pulca, Gothenburg/Sweden Mixed & Mastered by Tobbe Bövik @ Ofelia Productions www.myspace.com/the2120s
CHRISTIAN & 2120’s Nolo Contendere
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00012-2011CD
Guitar, Baritonguitar, Lead vocals Drums (Tracks 2-6, 9-12), Percussion, Guitars + Backing Vocals Pianos, Guitars, Bass, Organ + Backing Vocals Drums (Track 1, 7 + 8) + Percussion Bass (Track 11) + Backing Vocals Harmony Vocals (Track 6) Harmony Vocals (Track 6) Mandolin (Track 6) Backing Vocals (Track 4)
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3:16 4:05 4:48 2:53 3:12 3:04 2:31 5:35 4:02 2:35 3:10 4:08
LITTLE GREEN Innocent Again
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00013-2011
Tracklist: 01 Time ‘Til Monday 02 For A While 03 Innocent Again 04 Meet Me On The Corner 05 Let’s Hope Our Ways Won’t Cross 06 Don’t Tell Me It’s Over 07 This Is Our Live 08 Upside Down 09 I Can Talk Again 10 Cut The Tail 11 The Band Played On Musicians: Andreas Johannesson Thomas Pontèn Karl Wassholm Jonas Holmberg Guests: Sven Karlsson Christian Smedström Markus Larsson David Odlöw Daniel Melander Björn Skogsberg Keith Miles Lisa Pedersen Kimmie Rhodes Ted Russell Kamp Magnus Hansson Ellen Odlöw All Songs written by Thomas Pontèn; except Track 1, 5 + 10 by Andreas Johannesson + Track 11 by Thomas Pontèn & Karl Wassholm Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Sven Karlsson & Little Green @ Studio Lydde www.littlegreen.se
3:00 3:32 3:28 2:54 3:39 4:34 3:03 4:49 3:48 3:43 5:07
Lead & Backing Vocals; Acoustic Guitar Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Mandolin; Backing Voc. Bass Drums & Percussion Electric Guitar; Percussion; Backing Vocals Electric Guitar; Backing Vocals Hammond Organ & Piano Fiddle & Accordion Pedal Steel Guitar Percussion Lead Vocals (Track 9); Backing Vocals Lead Vocals (Track 7) Backing Vocals (Track 3) Backing Vocals (Track 4 + 6) Backing Vocals Backing Vocals
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Songbeispiele - Songsamples Songbeispiele - Songsamples
Single-CD 4,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00014-2011
CD 15,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00015-2011
CHRISTIAN & 2120’s
RAINER with Joey Burns & John Convertino Roll Back The Years
Tracklist: 01 Roll Back The Years 02 The Mountain 03 Hard To Remember 04 The Oasis 05 Di Latin 06 The Farm 07 Cheer Down 08 Now I Know Better 09 (Tasted Better Going Down) Valerie 10 Sea Of Heartbreak 11 My Honey 12 Tenish 13 This Little Planet Musicians: Rainer Ptacek Joey Burns John Convertino All Songs written by Rainer Ptacek; except Track 7 by George Harrison/Tom Petty, Track 10 by Hal David/Paul Hampton & Track 13 by Dan Hill Track 5 is featured in the Film “Flor De Muertos” Recorded late July/early August 1997 at Bill Carter’s House on Convent, Tucson/Arizona Original Recording Sessions by Bill Eager Audio Restauration & Mastering: Jim Blackwood Release on May, 25 2011 from Rainer Music Archive # 0001 www.rainermusic.com
Dobro, National Steel Guitars, Lead-Vocals Acoustic Bass Drums, Percussion
3:40 4:06 2:41 4:31 4:50 4:06 3:16 2:51 2:59 4:19 3:03 3:01 2:33
Tracklist: 01 Ten 02 Fade Away 03 God Says Nothing Back * Musicians: Christian Smedström All Songs written by Christian Smedström Produced by Christian Smwdström & Pulca Bros @ Studio Scola Track 1 & 2 mixed by Mattias Glava @ Kungsten Studios; mastered by Filip Granquist, 2010 Track 3 mixed & mastered by T. Bövik @ Ofelia Prod, 2009 * Bonus-Track Release on June, 3 2011 www.myspace.com/the2120s
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Tracklist: 01 Love On My Sleeve 02 Lathered In Cream 03 Ex-Stripper Librarian 04 Manic Tourist 05 The Loon Of Altitude 06 Hit Me Like A Smile 07 Katrina Is A Bitch 08 Francis Of Alaska 09 The Sonic Twins 10 Pleading Amnesia 11 Tiradito 12 Pray For A Way To Say Goodbye 13 Luxurious Latitude Musicians: Brad Brooks Michael Philip Taylor Paul Hoaglin Matt Curitz Franklin Vasquez Chris Barnett Brian Zalewski Shay Scott Patty Espeseth Alan Molina Scott Solter Matt Greenberg Teri Untalan All Songs written by Brad Brooks; except Track 1 by Taylor/Brooks/Hoaglin, Track 3 + 5 + 13 by Brooks/Scott/Hoaglin, Track 6 by Brooks/Scott, Track 7 by Brooks/Taylor Produced & Recorded & Mixed by Scott Solter Produced & Recorded & Mixed by Davy Vain Produced & Recorded by Shay Scott & Paul Hoaglin, Mixed by Scott Solter & Paul Hoaglin Produced & Recorded by Shay Scott & Mixed By Scott Solter Mixed by Paul Hoaglin www.brad-brooks.com
Lead-vocals, Guitar; Wurlitzer Piano, Backing Vocals Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals Mellotron Lead-Guitar Bass-Guitar Drums Solo-Piano, Trumpet Cello Violin Vibraphone Piano Viola
5:58 2:57 5:32 5:27 6:16 5:08 5:07 2:35 3:13 4:33 4:22 3:34 2:10
BRAD BROOKS Spill Collateral Love
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00016-2011
Tracklist: 01 The Well 02 Girl & Bicycle 03 Hobo Submarine 04 Drugstore Girl 05 Candy Thief 06 Wooden Horse 07 Centre Of The World 08 Flipbook 09 Paraguay 10 The Monk 11 Hotel Bar Musicians: Reverend Schulzz Andi Kerl Burkhard Rieger Claudia Fink Christof Cho Willy Wagner Stefan Kreuscher Mona Falk Bröning Tom Bird All Songs written by Reverend Schulzz; except Track 9 by Rich Hopkins Produced by Reverend Schulzz & Falk Bröning Recorded & Mixed by Falk Bröning Mastered by Christian “C-Rock” Rindermann at United Power Fields, Hanau, Germany Design by Volker Stelzner www.schulzz.com
Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Harmonica, Kalimba, Ukulele, Electric Bass on “Paraguay” Electric and Acoustic Guitars Accordion Vocals Drums, Percussion Double Bass on 2, 5, 7, 8, 11 Upright Bass on 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 Voice on “Paraguay” String Arrangements, Submarine Beat Machine, Arrangements on “Paraguay” Additional Guitars
4:18 3:47 4:33 4:58 4:48 3:49 7:43 3:22 6:05 5:48 10:37
REVEREND SCHULZZ & The Holy Service Hobo Submarine
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00017-2011
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VARIOUS ARTISTS The Godfather Of Desert Rock: A Tribute To RICH HOPKINS
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M0018-2011
Tracklist: 01. Greyhound Soul 02. Stefan Saffer & The Eastside Jukes 03. Markus Rill & Todd Thibaud 04. Rust Never Sleeps 05. Reverend Schulzz’s Birdspookers 06. Roger Schaffrath 07. Stefan George 08. Variophones 09. Harvest 10. Lisa Novak 11. L.L. Cooper 12. The Wyatts 13. The Gunrunners 14. The A&E Show w/ R. McReynolds 15. Ken Andree 16. Zen Lunatics Bonus Track: Reverend Schulzz All Songs written by Rich Hopkins Mixed & Sequenced by El Pres at B-Village Studio near Dresden, Germany Mastered by Dave Shirk & Rich Hopkins at Sonorous Mastering in Tempe, Arizona 2009 San Jacinto Records Tucson, Arizona Rich Hopkins - German Fanclub
This Man Old Lost Planet Of Love Tender Mercies Common Man Paraguay Have A Heart Nacodoches Drowning Angel Walk Away Red River Saloon The Horse I Rode In On The Fifty Percenter Scars Inside Red, White And Blue San Felipe Blues Paraguay (Video)
4:08 4:52 4:47 6:47 6:02 3:31 4:03 3:47 3:02 3:56 3:57 5:06 4:50 4:21 5:19 5:30
“Evel” from CHEEPNESS from the CD “Shakin’ Hands With The King”