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JAY OTTAWAY Coming Home To You
CD 13,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00032-2012
Tracklist: 01 Kiss You Goodbye 02 Love Died Young 03 Coming Home To You 04 Without You 05 Christine 06 All This Rain 07 One For The Teacher 08 Falling Hard Again 09 My Little Boy 10 Right Before Your Eyes 11 Long Way To Ipswich 12 Let It Shine 13 Come To Me 14 Second Chance 15 Remember Those Days 16 Wonder Why Musicians: Jay Ottaway (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica) Pat Buchanan (Guitar) Steve Conn (Piano, B3 Organ) Jim Hoke (Pedal Steel Guitar, Harmonica) Andrea Zonn (Violin) Glen Caruba (Drums, Percussion) Dave Francis (Bass) Melissa Hooker, Frank Tetzner, Florian Bechte (all Vocals) All Songs written by Jay Ottaway (ASCAP) Published by Three Minute Epic Publishing (ASCAP) Produced by Jay Ottaway & Florian Bechte Recorded @ 3ME Studios in Brookline, Massachusetts, Cliff’s Closet in Nashville, Tennessee and Highcat Studios in Cologne, Germany Recording Engineers: Ben Olendzki, Jon Stinson, Cliff Goldmacher & Florian Bechte Mix Engineer: Florian Bechte Mastered by Kai Blankenberg @ Skyline Tonfabrik in Düsseldorf, Germany Cover Design: Lori Salmeri 2012 All Rights reserved by Jay Ottaway & for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.jayottaway.com www.jayottawayband.de
3:13 3:49 3:51 3:17 4:06 2:37 4:59 3:42 3:51 2:58 4:57 3:17 4:20 3:02 4:02 3:38
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00033-2012
Tracklist: 01 The Inner Flame 02 The Farm * 03 Rude World 04 The Good Book 05 Story Teller * 06 Rudy With A Flashlight 07 Something’s Gotta Be Done 08 Junkpile * 09 Losin’ Ground 10 Limit To It * 11 Where’s That At? 12 Life Is Fine 13 21 Years 14 Powder Keg 15 Broken Promises 16 One Man Crusade 17 That’s How Things Get Gone * 18 Be Prepared * * Exclusive New Songs (Bonus Tracks zur Erstauflage aus dem Jahr 1997) All Compositions by Rainer Ptacek Executive Producer: Robert Plant & Howe Gelb Mastered by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound Inc./ New York, NY A& R by Kate Hymann & Yves Beauvais Cover Foto: Scott Garber Design by John Forster @ badpeoplegoddthings.com 2012 All Rights reserved by Fire Records & for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.myspace.com/rainerptacek wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainer_Ptacek
Giant Sand & Rainer Ptacek Lucinda Williams Robert Plant & Jimmy Page Emmylou Harris John Wesley Harding Evan Dando Victoria Williams & Mark Olson Grandaddy PJ Harvey, John Parish & Eric Drew Feldman Chuck Prophet & Van Christian Vic Chesnutt & Tina Chesnutt Madeleine Peyroux Robert Plant & Rainer Ptacek Chris Whitley Jonathan Richman Kris McKay Howe Gelb Rainer w/ Joey Burns & John Convertino
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with exclusive  10 Page Booklet
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PARAGUAY Post-Future
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00034-2012
Tracklist: 01 Uniform (Sanchez/Hamilton) 02 California (Sanchez/Mamilton/Fort) 03 Never Tell (Sanchez/Hamilton) 04 Post-Future (Sanchez/Hamilton/Zarbo) 05 Medicaid Blues (Sanchez/Mamilton/Fort) 06 The Best (Sanchez/Hamilton) Musicians: Jon Sanchez (Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Drums (on Track 6), Loops and Programming) Claire Hamilton (Vocals and Guitars) Marc Fort (Bass) George Duron (Percussion and Electronic Drums) Jason McKenzie (Drums on “Track 4) Joshua Zarbo (Bass on Track 4) Sally Crewe (Backing Vocals on Track 5) Clay McClinton (Harmonica and Testifying on Track 5) All songs mixed by Lars Goransson (vergleiche RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS “Buried Treasures”) at Sounds OUTrageous Studio in Austin /Texas except Track 4: Engineered and Mixed by Chico Jones at Ohm Recording Studio Austin/ Texas Track 3: Engineered by Jeff Hoskins at Lab Rat and Jon Sanchez at Flambeaux Recording Austin/ Texas Track 2+6: Recorded with Rob Halverson at Halversonics Recording and Jon Sanchez at Flambeaux Recording Austin/ Texas Track 1+5: Recorded and Engineered by Jon Sanchez at Flambeaux Recording Austin/ Texas Mastering by Mark Addison at Aerie Studio Austin/ Texas Design & Layout by Chepo Pena / Penata Studio Produced by Jon Sanchez Additional Production by Lars Goransson 2012 All Rights reserved by Ummo Music and by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS Revernation.com/paraguaytheband Facebook.com/paraguayband
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Tracklist: 01 Mississippi Woman 02 Lonesome Traveller’s Blues 03 Fairweather Friends 04 Ain’t Gonna Bring Me Down 05 Born Into The Blues 06 The Devil’s Satisfied 07 Master Of The Craft 08 Find Yourself A Fool 09 Man With A Minivan 10 Don’t Be Mean Musicians: RB Stone (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica; Cajon) Glen Kuykendall (Acoustic/Electric/National Guitar) Jared “Jay” Palmer (Bass Guitar) Spencer Strand (Drums) David Sappington (Drums) Ed Atkins (Upright Bass) All Songs arranged by RB Stone & Jared Palmer Produced by RB Stone, Middle Mountain Production & Middle Mountain Music Recorded and Engineered by Jared Palmer @ The Songfarm Studio Nashville Mastered by Mike Poston @ Mayfield Mastering Photography, Design & Layout Mark Goodman 2012 All Rights reserved by RB Stone on Middle Mountain Music and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.rbstone.com
RB STONE Lonesome Traveller’s Blues
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00035-2012
3:52 4:21 3:41 3:33 4:57 3:14 4:19 4:08 3:30 3:37
Tracklist: 01 Prelude To A Highlife 02 California Blues 03 So What It’s Worth 04 The Mill Of Oracle 05 Malaguena Salerosa 06 Will You Fade 07 John Law Burned Down The Liquor Sto’ 08 Take My Words 09 Thunder And Sadness 10 La Llorona 11 Find The Cost Of Freedom 12 The Mill Was Made Of Marble 13 Like A River Musicians: Michael Joseph Ronstadt (Vocals/Guitars) Michael Gilbert Ronstadt (Vocals/Cell/Mandolin) Petie Dalton Ronstadt (Vocals/Guitars) Alex Flores (Vocals/Tenor Saxophone) Sam Eagon (Upright Bass/Electric Bass) Aaron Emery (Drums/Percussion) Johnny “Guitar” Blommer (Electric Guitar) Pitz Quattrone (Didgeridoo) Songs 4 + 9 written by Michael Joseph Ronstadt Songs 1 + 8 written by Michael Gilbert Ronstadt Songs 3 + 11 written by Stephen Stills Song 2 written by Jimmie Rodgers Songs 6 + 13 written by Peter Dalton Ronstadt Song 7 written by Chris Thomas King Song 12 written by Joe Glazer Songs 5 + 10 are Traditionals All Songs arranged by Ronstadt Generations Recorded by Jim Brady @ Jim Brady’s Recording Studio in Tucson/ AZ and by Rick Denzien @ Boffo Studio in Ambler/ PA Mixed and Mastered by Jim Brady @ Jim Brady’s Recording Studio in Tucson/ AZ Produced by Ronstadt Generations and Jim Brady Front and Back Cover Photos: John Sepp Layout and Design: Petie Ronstadt Backside: Historic Photo from Club Filarmonico Tucsonense 2012 All Rights reserved by Ronstadt Generations & Ronstadt Record Co. and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.ronstadtgenerations.com
3:24 3:55 5:25 4:07 5:28 4:35 3:13 5:17 4:26 4:00 1:55 3:46 4:02
CD 13,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00036-2012
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Tracklist: 01 Are You Sleeping? feat. Chris Jones (1958-2005) 02 Find The Words 03 All Good feat. Chris Jones (1958-2005) 04 My Dreamgirl 05 High Time 06 Sweetly Dreaming 07 Harvest Time 08 The Track feat. Chris Jones (1958-2005) 09 By The Sea 10 So Long Musicians: Chis Jones (1958-2005) Jon Jones Ben Jones Leroy Anderson Dave Nevin Arno Kimsey Jesse Valadez Mike Striler Tom Chapman Joe Pontisso Jay Jardine Aaron Marks All Songs written by Jon Jones except Track 3 written by Leroy Anderson & Jon Jones, Track 7 by Emily Jones Produced by Jon Jones 2012 All Rights reserved by Jon Jones and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS Contact: jmetalman@cox.net
2:10 3:43 4:07 4:05 3:05 3:25 3:02 3:51 2:02 4:00
Tracklist: 01 Centralia 02 On The Verge 03 Fits & Starts 04 So Young 05 Your Heavy Heart 06 No Matter Musicians: Max Delaney (Acoustic Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Harmonies) James DePrato (Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, High-Strung Guitar, Harmonies) Danilo Lopez (Drums, Percussion, Harmonies) Kevin White (Electric & Upright Bass) Melissa Phillips (Vocals) All Music & Lyrics by Melissa Phillips (Penny Candy Music/BMI) except Track 2 Lyrics by Melissa Phillips, Music by James DePrato (Dipsongs/BMI) All Songs tracked live without Overdubs or Auto Tune Sptember 10-11, 2011 @ Electric Studio in Berkley, CA Produced by James DePrato Engineered & Mixed by Jason Carmer Mastered by John Greenham Photography by Emily Becker Layout/Design by Cindy Harvell Copyright 2012 All Rights reserved by Penny Candy Music and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.melissaphillipsmusic.com
3:24 3:42 4:59 4:17 3:51 4:14
Tracklist: 01 Prayin’ For Rain 02 Heart Of Mine 03 Girl With A Gun 04 But I Miss You 05 30 Days In The Hole 06 Wonder If I’ll Ever Get Out 07 It’s Hard Bein’ You 08 Won’t Gimme A Chance 09 Summer Anthem 10 Want You Back 11 End Up In Mexico 12 What You Make 13 Don’t Want To Try Musicians: Lacy Younger (Lead Vocals) Jon Jones (Guitar) Jay Jardine (Bass) Danny Campbell (Drums) All Songs written by Lacy Younger excerpt Track 5 written by Steve Marriott & Humble Pie, Tracks 6, 8, 10, 13 written by Lacy Younger Band All Songs produced by Danny Campbell & Lacy Younger Band Recorded @ 1972 Ivy Road Studio Engineered by Doug Watson CD Art by Lacy Younger & Jon Jones Photos by Dillon Schmersal 2012 All Rights reserved by BMI/Blonde Buck Music, LYB Records and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.lacyyounger.com www.facebook/lacyyounger Vintage Gear: 1953 Les Paul 1966 Jazz Bass 1967 Leslie Cab 1976 Marshall 100 Gretsch Drum Kit & 1970’s Vistalie Kick
3:59 3:32 4:04 4:22 4:06 4:40 4:40 3:11 5:50 4:44 4:01 4:10 4:51
BROTHER JON (JONES) Are You Sleeping?
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00037-2012
CD 13,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00039-2012
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00038-2012
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CD 10,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00040-2012
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Tracklist: 01 No Sense Of Direction 02 Little Pink Squirtgun 03 Laid Back 04 Majmada 05 Twilight 06 Another Song 07 Hall Of Mirrors Musicians: Gabe Montiel (Guitar, Vocals) Jordon Carranco (Bass) Zane Zway (Guitar, Vocals) Anders Zway (Drums) Mike Shaheen (Sax) Matt Goody (Trumpet) Alan Smith Trombone) Musicians who helped make this EP: Adam Rohlik (Trombone) Andy Hawkins ((Trumpet, Piano) Tim Smith (Alto Sax) Matt Stoker (Vocals) Mike Mishler (Baritone Sax) All Songs written by Gabe Montiel, except Track 4 by Adam Rohlik Music by The Endless Pursuit Produced & Mixed by Gabe Montiel & Ted Riviera Engineered by Nathan Sabatino Layout by Ted Riviera & Brent Carper Photos by Kathleen Dryer & Trevor Daly 2010 All Rights reserved by Clusterpunk! Records and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS 2012 Rerelease All Rights reserved by Clusterpunk! Records and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.facebook/annabelsashes
4:08 4:37 4:15 5:54 4:20 5:02 6:22
Tracklist: 01 Maelstrom 02 Brigantine Castle 03 Until The Light Takes Us 04 Clairvoyance 05 Allison’s Ghost 06 Cemetery Gates 07 Midnight Embrace 08 October Fire Musicians: Eric Destler (Guitar, Vocals) Dr Vanacutt (Guitar, Vocals) Renfield (Bass) The Hessian (Drums, Vocals) All Songs written by Annabels Ashes Produced & Mixed by Annabels Ashes Recorded @ Revenant Dead Studios Mastered @ Luna Recording Studios Tucson/ Arizona CD Art by Lacy Younger & Jon Jones Additional instruments & symphonies written & recorded by Eric Destler Additional backing vocals by Zane Zway Layout & design by Eric Destler 2012 All Rights reserved by Clusterpunk! Records and for Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.annabelsashes.com www.facebook/annabelsashes
1:25 2:13 2:46 2:54 2:29 2:04 3:02 3:31
CD 9,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00041-2012
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Tracklist: 01 Constant Motion 02 Is This 03 Unturned 04 By The Way 05 Mercury 06 Heavy Cargo 07 The Heel 08 Chasing Time 09 We Pretend 10 You 11 Distant Rider 12 The Hero & The Tragedy Musicians: Simon James White (Bass, Vocals) Mitch Grasser (Guitar, Vocals) Tom Price (Drums) 2011 All Rights reserved by White Dog Media Ltd. and for Germany by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.sjwband.co.uk
4:31 4:01 4:10 4:09 4:07 4:11 4:00 3:54 3:59 3:59 4:12 3:24
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SIMON JAMES WHITE Moments Of Magnitude
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00042-2013
Tracklist: 01 Keep The Motor Running 02 I Wanna Know 03 The D.A.W.N. 04 Bay Clothes And Dishes 05 Been Through This Before 06 Memphis 07 Phoenix 08 Bring Me A Little Water Sylvia 09 Call Me When You Get To Dudleyville 10 3 O’ Clock In The Morning Musicians: Al Foul (Voice, Guitar, Bass Drum, Stomparine) Naim Amor (2nd Guitar on Track 1, 4 + 6) All Songs written by Al Foul 2012 All Rights reserved by Al Foul and for Germany & Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.alfoulmusic.com
2:52 3:14 2:03 3:02 3:33 3:33 2:36 3:30 2:54 2:13
Tracklist: 01 Crooked Mile 02 Planets 03 She Was A Woman 04 Somwhere In Between (Just) 05 Another Time Another Place 06 Gasoline 07 Violins And Guitars 08 Home 09 Funeral For A Friend 10 Tears Fall 11 (HIDDEN TRACK) Musicians: Lawrence Zubia (Vocals) Mark Zubia (Guitars & Vocals) Pete Milner (Guitars) Scott Andrews (Bass) Gary Smith (Drums) Produced by CHIMERAS and Mark Mattson Engineered by Mark Mattson Mixed by CHIMERAS and Mark Mattson Recorded @ The Saltmine Songs written by Mark Zubia and Lawrence Zubia 1995 Imaginary Music + 2012 All Rights reserved by CHIMERAS and for Germany and Europe by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.ginblossoms.com
3:04 3:54 3:50 5:15 3:45 4:18 3:57 4:18 3:58 7:47
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AL FOUL Keep The Motor Running
CD 12,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00043-2013
CHIMERAS Mistaken For Granted
CD 13,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00044-2013
Tracklist: 01 Arizona 02 Desert Sands 03 Hellhound On My Trail 04 You Better Move On 05 Jesus On The Mainline 06 A Couple More Years 07 New Orleans Angels 08 Angeline Musicians: Tanja Pichler (Lead + Backing Vocals; Percussions) Doc G (Lead + Backing Vocals; All Guitars) Andy Eicher (Hammond; Keyboards) Words + Music by Tanja Pichler & Jürgen “Doc G” Gerstmayer except Track 4 by A. Alexander Jr. andTrack 6 by Locorriere/Silverstein Recorded, Mixed + Mastered @ Lichtpunkt Studio by Andy Eicher Producing by Doc G & Tanja Pichler Artwork + Coverdesign @ Petrol Gang-Productions by Wolfgang “Wolfman” Thummerer 2013 All Rights reserved by CACTUS ROCK RECORDS www.prairielizards.com
3:07 3:07 3:04 3:17 2:54 3:30 3:02 2:37
CD 11,99 € Bestellnummer/Ordernumber: CRR2H2M00045-2013
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“Prayin’ For Rain” from LACY YOUNGER BAND from the CD “Live-The Way You Like It”